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Plac Unii gained financing

Plac Unii
The financing of the Plac Unii construction is secured. A loan agreement for €105 million (with the possibility of increasing up to €120 million) was signed. The financing will be provided by a single bank – Bank PeKaO S.A. In last months’ perspective, it is one of the biggest transactions of this type on the market.

At the same time, 12,000 m² of offices and 10,000 m² of retail space of Placu Unii has been leased, bringing the total leased area to around 40 percent.

The construction works started at the end of 2010. Preparation works and the underground part were performed by Warbud SA. As a result of a tender, the same company was chosen to be the general contractor for the construction of the rest of the complex. The contract has been signed for the net sum of €49.8 million.

„We have chosen the best general contractor possible. During the tender we were looking at the pricing conditions but also at the experience of the company and references it could present in the area of skyscraper construction in the densely-built urban landscape. Moreover, being the general contractor of underground part of Plac Unii, Warbud knows our project perfectly. We are sure that they will cope with the task entrusted and finalize the construction of Plac Unii in the third quarter of 2013“, comments Marc Lebbe.

Plac Unii will be a complex of three office buildings connected with a glass roof at the height of thirty meters above the ground. The 90-metre skyscraper will be erected between two six-storey buildings located along Boya-Żeleńskiego and Puławska streets. The office space of the project takes up 41,000 m².

The complex will also provide a 15,500 m² shopping area, called “the City Gallery”, with many shops, restaurants, cafes, laundry service and Supersam delicatessen.