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Long-awaited construction of Krakow’s Angel Wawel starts

After nine years preparation, an investment that may well set a new standard in quality of life in the city has commenced. Located next to Wawel, the former nunnery of the Koletki Sisters and its adjacent lands will undergo a thorough revitalization, which will result in the apartment complex – Angel Wawel.

Preparations for the project started in 2003, when the Angel Poland Group purchased the building and adjacent land at 12 Koletek Street. The history of this area dates back to the XVI century, when the Koletki nuns were given the land as their future home and chapel. Over the centuries the area has expanded several times and now is the time to determine its final form.

The existing parts will go undergo a complete renovation, which has been agreed upon with the city conservator since the planning phase. Particular attention will be given to the historic wall paintings. Additionally, the brand new apartments will enclose the building and create the representative form of the inner patio. Renowned British landscape designer, Matt James has been chosen to design the gardens on the premises. The residence, when ready, will comprise 235 apartments in various styles – both historical and modern.

„After a long period of preparation we are proud to announce the commencement of the construction of Angel Wawel. The combination of location, history, quality design and facilities make for a unique place that will provide a prestigious lifestyle par- excellence, an investment that will last for generations.“ – says Mr. Shachar Samuel, the president of Angel Wawel.

"This is a new concept for Krakow but we believe Krakow is ready and deserves such a project, as other metropolitan cities around the world boast.” – adds Mr. Ron Ben Shahar - the chairman of Angel Wawel.

The project will be ready in mid-2015. The pre-sales have already started. The authors of the architectural designs are the Gottesmann-Szmelcman studios from Paris in cooperation with Krakow’s ABP office.

The investor’s concern for the cultural heritage of this unique place resulted in the decision to cooperate with world-class artists who will be exhibiting their works on the Angel Wawel premises. These works will be part of exhibitions during the construction phase, some of which will be housed there permanently.