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22. August 2012     Print Print 

Launch of a new global real estate fund index

The Asian and European Associations for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate (ANREV and INREV) and the National Council for Real Estate Fiduciaries (NCREIF) have agreed to co-operate to create a new Global Fund Index which will measure real estate investment performance of non-listed real estate vehicles on a global basis for the first time.

The new index will reflect a substantial investment universe and allow the non-listed real estate sector to be analysed and compared against other asset classes globally in addition to offering valuable new insights for investors and asset allocation. The combined Global Index will have a potential of around 670 funds with a total estimated Gross Asset Value of €519 billion.

Willem de Geus, Singapore-based Managing Director of Morgan Stanley Real Estate and Deputy-Chairman of ANREV, added: “The majority of large institutional investors already invest globally or have the intention to do so and in addition many are members of our three organisations. It makes sense for us to work towards a global index which we believe will be of great value and use to both our membership base and the wider industry.”