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07. November 2011     Print Print 

German buyers driving the overseas property market

The Eurozone crisis is doing nothing to subdue German buyers’ appetites for international property, says Quintessentially Estates. Despite the backdrop of economic uncertainty within the Eurozone, Quintessentially Estates has reported a surge in demand from German buyers.

Quintessentially Estates is currently instructed on search requirements in the order of 100 million Euros on behalf of German buyers. German buyers now represent up to 40% of Quintessentially Estates’ client base, which illustrates their dominant presence in the international marketplace. Penny Mosgrove of Quintessentially Estates comments: “German consumers are among the most positive in Europe right now. They have experienced less fall-out from the recession and are generally confident in making big ticket purchases.” Favoured locations include Mallorca and Ibiza, where demand has remained steady over recent years. Regular flights to and from all major German cities and strong community of expats has ensured the Balearics remain a firm favourite. Other target locations include Maldives, Caribbean and South of France.