27. März 2012     Print Print 

Franconofurt trims dividends to €0.05

The company announced that the supervisory board of Franconofurt AG has decided that on the upcoming general meeting on the 8th May 2012, to propose a dividend of €0.05 per share be paid out on the shareholders. This is a large reduction from last year. In 2011 the shareholders received for the financial year a stately dividend of €1.05.

In addition the yearly audited annual accounts from KPMG were passed by the board of directors. The annual profit (under German HGB accounting rules) for the year amounted to €1,9 million. All together the company for the year 2011 bought back shares to the sum of €1,6 million.

Based upon the first indications of the months January to March 2012, Franconofurt even with the general uncertainty about the Euro and from the low interest rate, assumes that the year 2012 can be again successfully concluded.